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Waxx Design was born in 2018. After twenty years navigating between music and jewelry, I realized I could only feel complete exploring those two art forms equally. 

The people I meet, their different cultures, music researched, heard and played through out my travels, all have a huge influence on my jewelry designs today. 

In the 2020 collection, each piece is named after an artist who strongly influences my music projects and DJ sets. 

I choose premium quality stainless steel as my main material for it's strength and sustainability. Brass and recycled leathers are also part of my favorite mediums. 

Every jewelry is unique and created in small quantity. Please, consider that raw brass can slightly change over time. This is part of its natural process as well as part of my designs. 

Just like my creations, my shop is in constant transformation. You are welcome to visit periodically to see it's evolution, tips, videos and of course, new products.

Your comments and questions are always welcome. Please, don't be shy to reach out.

Have a great visit !

Maus (DJ, producer, jewelry designer)


Find Waxx Design in those locations in Québec province :


Quartier DIX30, Brossard

Bijouterie Jean-Guy Aubry 

435 Chemin Bord du Lac, Dorval

Le Placard Boutique

2036 Mon-Royal, Mtl, H2H 1J6